February 6, 2023

Natural vs. Soft Glam Makeup

If you’ve been searching for a makeup artist to hire for your wedding day, you’ve probably come across terms such as natural makeup and soft glam makeup. The two styles are often confused or grouped in with each other, so I am going to explain the key differences to look for. Since each artist is different, this is my personal creative take on it! If you’ve been unsure which style resonates with you most, I hope that this helps! Let’s get into it ↓

Natural Makeup Explained

Natural makeup is the style that I’m going to touch on first. If done correctly, this style of makeup is a gorgeous enhancement. I like to think of this style as being modern, fresh, and effortless. Natural makeup pairs wonderfully with a tousled updo or wispy down style. It is truly a misconception that natural makeup is not enough to help you shine in your photographs. I would recommend this style to anyone who traditionally does not use makeup on a day to day, or, if they do, they love a fresh and blushed look. Nothing that feels too makeup-y.

My take on a natural makeup application includes:

  • Hydrating skin prep with a glowy, light to medium coverage foundation that allows freckles to shine through
  • Fluffy lashes are focused to the outer corners for a lifting effect and softly smoked out eyeliner
  • Moderate contouring with a focus on blushing + highlighting the cheekbones and other high points of the face to catch the light in photos
  • Enhanced brows with a slight arch + brow bone accentuation
  • An overall soft to neutral color palette. Lips usually consist of a skin like liner, rosey lipstick, and high shine gloss

Soft Glam Makeup Explained

Next up is soft glam makeup. I would describe soft glam makeup as a style that really focuses on playing up the eyes. It is romantic, timeless, and alluring. This makeup often pairs beautifully with any hairstyle, and is equally as stunning in person as it is in photos. It is a bit more transformative than natural makeup, but still a step below full glamour makeup. It also tends to introduce more color choices than natural makeup.

My take on a soft glam makeup application includes:

  • Hydrating skin prep with buildable, medium to full coverage foundation. Underpainting technique is used to gradually build contour
  • A full, fluffy lash coupled with shading techniques to accentuate the top and bottom lash lines
  • Color is reintroduced to the face through alternating layers of contour, blush and concealer that sculpt and shape. Powder is pressed in to the skin to maintain full coverage
  • Brow transformation through hand drawn shaping and gel or powder to set
  • An overall neutral to colorful palette. Lips usually consist of a colored liner that corresponds with other shades seen in the makeup, matte lipstick, and high shine gloss

Let’s Compare Natural and Soft Glam Makeup Visually

To help articulate these differences in application, I’ve taken two past clients who had different goals with their makeup and created a visual. The left photo displays a soft glam application with a focus on accentuating the eyes and lips. The right photo displays a natural application with a focus on accentuating the skin and brows. Resonating with both photos? You’re not alone! I hear this all the time from my clients and explain how we can balance the two below.

Atlanta Makeup Artist shares soft glam versus natural makeup application
L: Soft Glam R: Natural Application

Drawing Inspiration From Both

The beauty of makeup is that we can completely tailor your final result to you. This takes into account your face shape, skin tone and texture, skin type, preferred colors and finish, and favorite features to accentuate. It is perfectly normal and even typical to pull inspiration from each style. The magic comes by working with an artist who is not only talented, but who also has your trust!

There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting to know my clients and what makes them feel beautiful to create a look with all of their unique features and goals in mind. If you have any questions after reading or want some beauty advice, write me a message here.

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