Hollywood waves elegantly accent this modern Blanc Studio West wedding. Photos by Stephenie Lynn

A romantic waved hairstyle stuns at this intimate Ogletree Estate wedding. Photos by Jordan Blyden

A tousled, romantic updo creates the perfect silhouette for this Fall estate wedding. Photos by Bretagne Isler

Soft hollywood waves seen at a Summer Swan House wedding. Photos by Grapefruit Photo

Lush waves and soft glamour makeup for a Hamptons inspired wedding at Chateau Elan. Photos by Katie Cooper

Timeless glamour captures the eye at an elegant Tate House Wedding. Photos by Dixon Photo Co.

Fresh, dewy makeup & softly waved hair perfect this dreamy Spring engagement. Photos by Bretagne Isler.

Bubbly and effervescent upstyle for a contemporary loft venue wedding. Photos by Bretagne Isler

Wispy curls complete this film inspired wedding in the city. Photos by Courtney Elyse

Tousled waves and sultry eyes stun at this dry lake bed elopement outside of Vegas. Photos by Grace Taylor

A romantic updo & bold red lip designed for this Valentine's Day photo set. Pictures by Bretagne Isler