November 14, 2022

Bridal Trials: What to Expect, Advice, & More

Booking vendors for your wedding can be one of the most overwhelming aspects of your planning experience. There are many websites, reviews, portfolios and other outlets to sift through when gathering information, gaging your likes and dislikes, and creating a list of your favorite businesses. When searching for a makeup artist in particular, seeing visuals of what an artist can do will be your first step to finding your ‘person’ and building a relationship with them. And, while it may be beneficial to see the styling that was done on past Brides and their wedding parties, there is nothing that can match the one-on-one time that you will have with your stylist during your bridal trial. With the goal of these appointments being to bring your visions to life and add a personal touch to your chosen look, a trial a crucial step to guaranteeing that your day-of preparations move seamlessly. In order to maximize your time with your stylist at this appointment, here are a few tips to help!

Similarities – At the bridal trial, it is important that your inspiration photos share some similarities with your skin type, tone and texture as well as your eye and face shape. Skin tone and texture can affect the dimension, pigmentation, and finish that we perceive through photographs. Makeup that has a more dramatic look may translate differently compared to your facial shape and features. Choosing photos of models that share similar traits to you is the best way to ensure that your visions will be met.

Get specific – Often times when we pick an inspiration photo to share with our stylists, there are certain elements that have caught our eye rather than the photo as a whole. This may be anything from the dewy look of the makeup to the arch of your brow. It is important to identify what you love from each photo so you can get exactly what you are looking for and nail down your dream look.

Open communication – It is crucial that you are honest with your stylist about your likes and dislikes! Remember, the bridal trial is about creating a road map with your stylist for the big day and testing out styles vs your stylist. If you’re not in love with the lipstick shade, want more coverage from your foundation, or even want to go a different route with the makeup, don’t be afraid to ask for changes. Something that can help is to break down your feedback of your look through a mini checklist. For example, you could break down your makeup by foundation, brows, eyes, lips, etc. Remember, there’s almost nothing that cannot be adjusted, all your artist needs is your open communication and trust!

Prep – The steps that you take in the days leading up to your bridal trial can greatly affect the outcome of your style. Here are some tips that will help prepare you for your makeup trial!

  • Make sure that your skin is freshly washed and moisturized as this will allow for the best makeup application
  • Create a skincare regimen with your stylist that will help prepare your skin for your wedding day
  • Make sure that your eyebrows are groomed for your appointment
  • If you have eyelash extensions, eyebrow lamination, or other cosmetic enhancements that need to be treated with extra care, make sure to alert your stylist so that they can help maintain the integrity of your lashes, brows, etc
  • Be sure to wear a neutral or white top that is closest in shade to your wedding gown. When looking at your photos from your trial, a colorful or busy shirt will take away from the overall Bridal look. This is also a great time to try on any special accessories such as earrings, necklace, etc.

I hope that these bits of advice helped address any questions or concerns that you may have had surrounding your bridal trial, and, that the tips were helpful. Additionally, if you’d like to schedule a bridal trial with The Vanity House, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! It is our goal to provide our Brides with expert knowledge, products, and techniques for both your trial and special day.

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